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An Art Shop With a Colorful Selection of Handcrafted Pieces

Crafting Pieces of Art You’d Want to Get Your Hands On

Creating Beautiful and Functional Art Pieces

My name is Carol Ann Anderson, and I am an artist who creates unique art pieces through a variety of mediums. I sell my creations at Artfully Ann’s because I am passionate about sharing my craft with others. My hope is that someone will enjoy using my artworks as much as I enjoy creating them.

Where I Get My Ideas

Often, I am moved to create when I wander around shops, open-air markets, and museums dedicated to native culture. I usually find inspiration in these places. My favorite source of inspiration for my craft has always been nature, which is why I also love exploring mountains and beaches.

My Different Art Mediums

Fiber Art

Wire Art


2D Art

Buy My Art

Are you interested in my art pieces? You can order some of my works at my Etsy shop today.

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