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Unique and Colorful Artworks Made by a Talented Artist

My name is Carol Ann Anderson, and I sell lovely pieces of art at Artfully Ann’s. As someone passionate about making functional art, I look forward to providing customers with pieces they’ll love using or wearing.

What I Use

When creating these items, I use natural and recycled materials as much as possible. Sometimes, though, I have to use wool and other basic materials that come from overseas locations. This means that I do not have control over the environment in which they were produced. Despite that, I still do everything I can to abide by my golden rule, which is to reuse and recycle every chance I get during my creative process.

One of a Kind

Hand-dyed wool and hand-printed materials are my favorite materials to work with, but they can be very hard to find at a reasonable price. So, the cost of some items is not just based on the labor I put in; it is also priced that way because the materials I use are handmade.

Regardless of the price, these are pieces that are worth buying. These items are one of a kind and have not been made from any pattern available on the commercial market.

Custom Orders

Do you have a vision for an artwork you would like to own? Do you want to see if it can be turned into a concrete handcrafted piece? If so, I would be more than happy to give it a try.

I can't guarantee that it will look exactly like how you envisioned it. However, if you describe it, list your preferred materials, and draw a sufficient sketch of what you want, I will do my best to make it for you.

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